Brendan Fraser Gets Emotional After Fans Thank Him For Making Their Childhood Awesome

imani.goulet via TikTok

Celebrities are just people like you and me. They have feelings. They have emotions. They have to live life, and it isn’t always easy. In fact, we sometimes think it must be pretty hard to live life in the public eye. Sure, there’s fame and money, but that doesn’t necessarily bring happiness.

Sometimes people are disappointed when they meet celebrities. In other cases, sometimes people are pleasantly surprised how nice certain celebrities are. While there are stories about which celebrities are nice to fans and which aren’t, you never really know how an interaction is going to go ahead of time.

A woman named Imani recently met a celebrity she adores, and she was not disappointed. Instead, she wrote on TikTok, “Everyone always says to never meet your heroes, i met mine and we almost burst into tears talking to each other.”

The hero she met was Brendan Fraser. She attended a photo op with him and took the opportunity to thank him. In a video she posted to TikTok, Imani and one of her friends are at the photo op. Brendan is signing a funko of himself for Imani.

Things got emotional when Brendan and Imani shared something they have in common – people mispronouncing their names. Imani was surprised that Brendan said her name correctly. Brendan responded, “A lifetime of people mispronouncing my name. I know what it feels like.”

Imani’s friend asked, “Did you get Brandon all your life?” In response, Brendan rolled his eyes and nodded his head yes.

After connecting over their often mis-pronounced names, Imani took the opportunity to thank Brendan for signing her Funko. She said, “thank you so, so, so much.”

Then, in the video Imani’s friend can be heard thanking Brendon for something else, something that got them all emotional. The friend said, “Thank you for making my childhood awesome.”

Imani added, “And mine too. You’ve been so nice.”

Brendon gave each of the fans a fist bump and clearly looked like the words meant something to him.

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The video, which was posted only two days ago, already has close to 500,000 likes and over 8000 comments. Most of the comments are sweet with fans saying things like, “I hope he knows just how loved he is.”

Another fan wrote, “The way he purses his mouth when you said he made your childhood awesome. So humble and sweet. I have adored him always.”

Have you ever met one of your heroes? If so, were you disappointed or pleasantly surprised?