Breaking Meryl Streep Sad News

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Some celebrity couples choose to keep their private lives as private as possible, and some of those celebrities have recently released bombshells about their love lives. For example, in her new memoir, Britney Spears shared that she was once pregnant with Justin Timberlake’s child, and Jada Pinkett Smith shared that she and husband Will Smith have not been living in the same house since 2016. Now, we’re finding out that actress Meryl Streep has been keeping the truth about her private life a secret as well.

Back in 1978, Streep met the man she would end up marrying when her brother, Harry, introduced her to Don Gummer. Streep and Gummer have been married for an impressive 45 years, but now, a source claims that the couple is actually no longer together even though they haven’t filed for divorce.

The last time Streep and Gummer made a public appearance together was in 2018 at the Academy Awards, but that didn’t raise speculation. Streep was seen wearing her wedding band as recently as yesterday, October 20, 2023, at the Princesa de Asturias Awards 2023.

According to a source who spoke to Page Six, “Don Gummer and Meryl Streep have been separated for more than 6 years, and while they will always care for each other, they have chosen lives apart.” The couple has not commented publicly on this source’s claim.

Watch the video below for more details about his unexpected and sad news about Streep’s marriage.

Streep and Gummer have four children together and five grandchildren. They raised their children at their home in Salisbury, Connecticut, but now, most of their children have turned to the world of Hollywood. Their son, Henry Wolfe (43), is a singer songwriter. Their three daughters, Mamie Gummer (40), Grace Gummer (37), and Louisa Jacobson (30) are all actresses. Henry and Mamie each have two children, and Grace recently had a baby.

Do you think Streep and Gummer have really been living separate lives for six years? Do you think Streep will eventually release a statement about this shocking news regarding her marriage?