Brazilian Dentist Traveled Around To Treat Poor People’s Teeth for Free and These Are 15 of the Most Drastic Transformations

Felipe Rossi via Instagram

When someone smiles, it shows joy and self-confidence, but imagine never smiling. Imagine being too embarrassed of your teeth (or lack of teeth) to ever let yourself smile.

This is the case for many people, and one dentist is on a mission to help. Felipe Rossi is a Brazilian dentist who has traveled the world fixing the smiles of low-income people everywhere he goes, and he does this for free. In 2016, Rossi founded the Por1sorriso NGO. He is also the Director of Fundraising.

On Instagram, Rossi wrote, β€œThis assistance is very different from projects where people simply get toothbrushes and toothpaste.” We have to agree. Toothpaste doesn’t bring back missing teeth or straighten crooked teeth.

The gift of a beautiful smile gives a confidence boost to everyone Rossi has already helped. We could tell you about the joy and gratitude they feel, but seeing them smile for yourself is much more powerful. Here are 15 examples of Rossi’s incredible work.