‘Melrose Place’ Actor Brad Johnson Dies At 62 Due to Covid-19 Complications


Brad Johnson, most widely known for his recurring role of Dr. Dominick O’Malley in “Melrose Place,” died on February 18, 2022 from complications from having COVID-19. His death became more widely known in June.

In addition to Melrose Place, Johnson played opposite Holly Hunter in “Always,” a 1989 remake of the 1943 film “A Guy Named Joe.” He was also known for his role as a pilot in the 2000 thriller “Left Behind, as well as its two sequels. On TV, she starred in shows such as “Rough Riders,” “Soldier of Fortune, Inc.” and “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.”

Johnson was born in October 1959 in Tucson, Arizona. His father, Grove, was a horse trainer, so he spent much of his youth competing in rodeos. He even had a professional rodeo career in 1984 before he was discovered by a movie scout, which is when his acting career took off—and he loved that even more.

You might also know Johnson from portraying the Marlboro Man in cigarette ads. Due to the high success of those spots, he was able to move he and his family to a ranch in New Mexico and the Colorado mountains. They then moved again to north Texas where he sold ranch real estate.

Johnson acted right up until his death. Last year, he was hired to play a role in Treasure Valley, a Western movie set in Idaho. However, he wasn’t able to film any of his scenes after the actor-writer, Jay Pickett, suddenly passed away before production could begin at the age of 60.

“Although he was taken too early, he lived life to the fullest and taught his children to do the same,” his family said in a statement. “Brad greatly enjoyed improving and enhancing land, in a way that maintained and respected its natural beauty. He always felt most at home outdoors, and his passion for the land made that evident. As much as he loved cowboying, hunting and land, Brad loved nothing more than his family.”

Johnson had a very loving family that he left behind: His wife, Laurie, of 35 years, and their eight children: Shane, Bellamy, Rachel, Eliana, Eden, Rebekah, Annabeth and William. He was also survived by his stepmother, Teresa Johnson.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Johnson’s family and friends at this time. You can learn more details about his death in the video below.

Have you ever seen Melrose Place or any other of the movies or TV shows Johnson starred in? Which one was your favorite?