What Every Woman Should Know About Their Bra Size

The struggle can definitely be real when it comes to finding the right bra, and sometimes women end up settling for one that does the job. You rock the same style, in the same size, forever. You do this all without knowing why exactly you have a chest ring imprinted in your flesh or looseness in the cups. It’s no wonder that some women choose to free up and let the bra go. There is another way though. Have you ever had a proper bra fitting? It can make all the difference in the world in comfort, support, and adding the “Yaasss!” factor your outfit. Doing your own bra fitting or getting one done professionally can help you get hooked up right.

While there are countless bra tricks out there to make wearing easier, your girls deserve better. One of the things to keep in mind is how your own figure changes over the course of months or years. We grow up or down, have babies, or experience medical situations which can affect our breast size. And, 1 in 4 women have a pair of breasts with different sizes. Known as the “Bra Whisperer”, Susan Nethero outlines the areas of struggle many women encounter when hunting for the perfect bra. She also shares fixes for these mismatched boob and bra pairings. I’m sure we all could identify with at least one of these problems:

  1. Spillage

    The overflow when your upper breast volume is too much for your bra to handle – spillage – can impact the silhouette of your tops and dresses. Solution: Going up 1-2 cup sizes will provide better coverage for fuller breasts, center the bustline, and give a better lift.

  2. Back Bulge

    Also known as back fat, this problem occurs when the bra slides up the back and pinches the sides of the body. Surprisingly, this happens when the band is too big around the body, creating the appearance of back fat. Solution: A smaller band size (notated by the number portion in the bra’s size) and a larger cup size will secure a snug fit around the back.

  3. Sagging

    A natural stage of breast life for many, sagging is common but can be remedied. If you find that body changes have impacted your volume and perk, it’s possible your entire size has changed. Solution: This is a case where a good fitting will make a difference. Once you’ve learned your new band and cup size, then choose a style that will help give you an extra lift. Pros like Susan suggest a demi bra or push up to give you cleavage.

  4. Strapless Non-Support

    Strapless bras are notorious for sliding down and forcing women to have to secretly shimmy them back up again. Choosing the wrong size and design pretty much ensure this happening. Solution: Look for designs with good grip against the skin – silicone can be your best friend here. Convertible styles can land you a bra that transforms from basic strapped to strapless, racerback, or more. Also, going up in the cup a size or more and down in the band here again will help it to stay planted firmly where it should be.

  5. Gapping

    Gapping causes space between the bra cups and breasts. Smaller chested women may find this to be a common issue, while others may experience this because the bra is just too big. Solution: Sizing and design play a big role here. Proper measuring may reveal you need a smaller cup but larger band to uplift and secure your treasures. Styles that are designed to give a lift like demi or padded ones are good choices.

    Your regular rotation of bras can also be taking a hit when the body changes too. Wear and tear in places like the fabric, band, straps, or wiring could be the result of fluctuations in size. Treating yourself to a fitting once or twice a year can make a big difference! What about your bra game? Can you relate to some of these bra ills and cures?