How to Remix Your Bra to Wear with Open-Back Tops

Standing in the mirror while admiring your shopping haul often brings sudden realizations. Like what? Like the fact you’re too lazy to wash a blouse by hand as it says on the tag, or you bought this same dress last season in a different color, or this biggie: you don’t have the right bra to go with this.

Ugh. As challenging and irritating as it sometimes is to find the perfect bra, certain clothing cuts make it harder. With open-back tees, tops, or dresses, you’ve normally got two options: let the girls fly free or hunt a bra down like the last Horcrux. What to do?

You can spend hours trying to find one online or in the store, or you can make your own! Walking us through a tutorial on how to turn a good bra into the best bra for an open-back top is PSY Media. Be warned: you will need to be ready to demolish a bra in order to make a few alterations. Think of it as a makeover, or just buy an inexpensive one or two for this purpose.

DIY Bare-Your-Back-Bra


  • 1 bra with straps
  • Scissors
  • Needle
  • Thread
  • Elastic in a color that matches your bra


  1. Cut It

    Cut off the bra sides, aka wings, without inhibition. The straps will no longer be attached to the back section of the bra.

  2. Measure It

    Measure and cut 3 pieces of elastic that extend across the back of the bra. Make sure to pull a little so there’s some stretch to accommodate your body.

  3. Stitch It

    By hand, stitch each strip of elastic onto the back of your bra. Be careful to watch your precious fingers!

  4. Finish It

    Bring the bottom tip of the bra strap down to the lowest hanging elastic, and stitch the strap to each row of elastic. Repeat with the other strap.


Ta-da! You’re ready to wear your DIY creation with your favorite tricky-but-cute ensemble. Watch the video to see precisely how this is done. No magic tape, no embarrassing swinging, and no oh-so-obvious eyelet showing. Yeah, you could buy a pretty bra whose sole mission is to support you through open back and breezy wear, but if you’re in a time or financial pinch, this is handy.

You may want to keep it basic in terms of the color and design of your bra for this project. Avoid lace, prints, or patterns so it’s easier to hack your bra and match it up with the elastic strips. Since elastic comes in various widths, be mindful of what size will support your frame the best.

Warmer weather means more open back styles, and this bra conversion hack could be just what you need to rock your fashionable cut-out and be supported. Show off that silhouette without sacrificing your comfort!

What do you think of this unique bra hack? Do you run into bra dilemmas when you wear open back or other tricky clothing items? How do you prefer to handle the challenge? Share with us in the comments!