Boys Save Their Drowning Dad With CPR They Learned From the Movie ‘The Sandlot’


Have you ever learned something valuable from a movie? Many movies seem like they are purely entertainment, but sometimes, even when you don’t realize it while you’re watching it, you might learn something that could save a life.

Brad Hassig is a dad of 10-year-old twin boys Christian and Bridon. The boys and their friend Sam Ebert were hanging out by the Hassig’s backyard pool on a typical summer day. Brad was practicing breathing exercises under the water. He felt calm and at peace. Then something went terribly wrong. Brad lost consciousness.

Thankfully, Brad’s twins and their friends immediately noticed that something was wrong. Christian was the first to notice that his dad was lying on his side. He alerted his brother and friend. The three boys jumped into action.

Each boy had a very important job to do, and they all immediately lept into their roles. Christian ran to get help while Sam and Bridon literally jumped into the pool and pulled Brad out of the water. Then they proceeded to do CPR and check for a heartbeat. The only thing is, none of the boys had ever had CPR training. Thankfully, they had watched the movie “The Sandlot.”

If you’ve seen the movie “The Sandlot,” you might remember the scene at the pool where one of the boys pretends to drown so that a pretty lifeguard will do mouth to mouth resuscitation on him. The boys remembered this scene, and they copied what the lifeguard did in the movie. They did chest compressions and mouth to mouth. Eventually, Brad started coughing up water.

While Bridon was doing CPR, he refused to give up. On TODAY, he told Hoda Kotb, “I’ve had some moments with him with happy, sad and some mad moments and I’m like ‘I don’t want this to be the last moment.’”

Watch the video below to learn more about this amazing rescue and how all three boys worked as a team to save their dad.

Do your kids know how to perform CPR? Do you? Do you believe there was divine intervention to make this rescue possible?