Woman Shocked By Boyfriend’s Reaction After Sending Him a Photo Of Her Hairy Legs

Leg hair is something that is natural for every person. It doesn’t matter if you’re a man or a woman, your legs grow hair. Many men let their leg hair grow naturally, and nobody bats an eyelash about it. Many women feel the need to make sure their legs are smooth and hair free.

While there are multiple ways to remove leg hair, shaving is a very popular and easy way to temporarily remove the hair. Many women shave their legs, but sometimes they choose not to shave every time the hair starts to grow. For example, in the winter when it’s cold out and we’re all wearing warm clothes (no shorts or bathing suits), what’s the point of shaving? Some women might choose to ignore their leg hair. After all, it might actually help keep their legs a little bit warmer under their clothes.

One TikTok user who goes by bonedrymilkers didn’t shave her legs for several weeks. She took a picture of her hairy legs and decided to text it to her boyfriend for a laugh. She wrote, “lol babe look at how HAIRY my legs are… hahaha i haven’t shaved since like christmas.”

She probably expected her boyfriend to laugh along at how long her leg hair had gotten and how quickly it grew, but she definitely didn’t expect him to react by calling her leg hair “gross,” “embarrassing,” and “unhygienic for a female.” He even called her leg hair “a total turn off.”

She was so shocked at his reaction and the hurtful things he said that she decided to share their texts on TikTok. Along with her video, she wrote, “does anyone know why men are like this?”

Watch her video below.

@bonedrymilkers does anyone know why men are like this #men #bf #relationships #gf #hairylegs #greenscreen #fyp ♬ The Time is Coming – Aery Yormany

Many TikTok users encouraged her to break up with her boyfriend. They completely agreed that his reaction to a little leg hair was ridiculous. One person wrote, “pls tell me that’s an ex now, ‘it’s unhygienic’ if he has body hair then he should shave it as well.”

A lot of TikTokers reacted to the “unhygienic comment.” Another comment reads, “‘It’s unhygienic for women!’-but how is it hygienic for men then?!”

bonedrymilkers posted a followup video where she confronted her boyfriend about the rude comments. She told him that she shared their texts on TikTok and that people were agreeing with her. He was shocked that she would share the texts and that people would agree with her.

At the end of the video, she shared that after talking on the phone, she did in fact break up with her boyfriend.

You can watch her video update below.

@bonedrymilkers Reply to @bonedrymilkers for those who wanted an update. our phone call was anticlimactic. it’s obvious i wasted my time👍🏼 #greenscreen ♬ butterfly effect – demo – Sophie Holohan

Do you think it’s “gross” when women don’t shave their legs? Do you think this guy overreacted to his girlfriend’s picture? If you’re a woman, do you always keep your legs hair free?