12-Year-Old Boy Ignores Ridicule and Grows Hair Out For 2 Years To Make Wigs for Other Children

Tell us: Would you do something that other people made fun of you for just to help other people? One 12-year-old boy did—and is making headlines for his generosity.

His name is Morgan and he’s from West Jordan, Utah. He’s just like any other boy his age—he likes to play video games and spend a lot of time on the computer. But there’s something that makes him unique.

It’s his long hair. But it’s not just the fact that he has long hair, it’s why he has long hair.

Morgan’s been growing out his hair so that he could eventually get it cut for sick kids who need it; those who lost their hair because of medical issues and treatments. He wants his hair to be a part of making wigs for these people.

The reason he’s doing this is heartwarming. But unfortunately, kids will be kids, and Morgan gets teased a lot for having long hair. In fact, a lot of people even think he’s a girl.

“It’s annoying when people just think I’m a girl,” Morgan said. “Usually when I go into the boys bathroom, people kind of look at me funny. Even the adults look at me funny. They’re like, ‘What are you doing in this bathroom?'”

But Morgan pushes through the negativity because he knows what’s more important—and that’s not an easy thing for someone so young to do.

In fact, this isn’t even his first rodeo. About four years ago, Morgan began to grow his hair out and after two years, donated it for the first time.

Perhaps its his own history with medical issues that made him more sympathetic towards those going through similar things. “I was born earlier than I was supposed to [be],” Morgan said, his mother adding that he was born at 27 weeks.

He was so early that doctors—and his parents—didn’t know whether he was going to make it out of the hospital alive. “It was really hard. It was very traumatic for both me and my husband,” his mother said.

Thankfully, he survived, and has grown into the generous, kindhearted young preteen that he is today.

When the time came for this haircut, Morgan was excited to get it chopped off and handed over to the kids who need it more than him. The hairdresser separated his hair into several little ponytails, and then snipped them off just like that.

After two years of growing, he finally has short hair again! And while he’s a little excited people won’t be confused for a girl anymore, he’s committed to the cause and plans to grow his hair out for a third time.

Morgan, you’re one awesome boy!

To see what he looks like with short hair and hear from Morgan himself, check out the video below.

What do you think of what Morgan’s doing for kids in need? Do you think you could grow your hair out like this multiple times just to donate it?