Boston Marathon Sends Message to Essential Workers on What Would Have Been Marathon Day

bostonmarathon via Instagram

Some people train for months or even years to run a marathon, and the Boston Marathon is one of the big ones. 

As the novel coronavirus swept the nation and social distancing became the new normal, many people wondered if their dreams of running the Boston Marathon in 2020 would be a reality. The Boston Marathon was originally supposed to be run today, April 20, 2020. Instead, the race course is deserted.

The marathon will go on, just not today. Back in March, the decision was made to officially postpone the race to September 14, 2020. Anyone who qualified and registered to run the race will automatically be registered to run the postponed race.

Today, in acknowledgement that it was the original race day, the Boston Marathon officials have written a very moving message that they shared via Instagram. It lists all of the types of essential workers who are on the front lines of the coronavirus pandemic, and then it ends with, “We’ll wait to start until you reach the finish.” Read the full message below.

This Instagram post just went live earlier today, and there are already well over 23,000 likes.

While we’re sure that anyone who was planning on running the Boston Marathon today is a little bit sad, we’re glad the race was postponed and not canceled. We also love the post’s thoughtful way of calling out those who are working the hardest right now to get America safe again so the race can go on in September.

Were you planning on running the Boston Marathon? How are you training during quarantine?