Bob Saget’s Wife Breaks Her Silence Following Husband’s Sudden Death

One day Bob Saget was performing stand up in Jacksonville, Florida. Literally the very next day, he was dead. The cause of death has yet to be determined. According to a statement by Joshua Stephany, chief medical examiner for Orange and Osceola counties, “At this time, there is no evidence of drug use or foul play. The cause and manner of death are pending further studies and investigation which may take up to 10-12 weeks to complete.”

Saget died unexpectedly in his hotel room in Orlando on January 9, 2022. His friends and co-workers expressed their shock and sadness on social media, but now, his wife is sharing her feelings as well.

In a recent statement, after finding out about her husband’s sudden and unexpected death, Rizzo explained, “Bob was my absolute everything.” Watch the video below to hear more about what Rizzo had to say about her late husband.

Kelly Rizzo and Saget first met in 2015. They were introduced by a mutual friend. They got engaged in 2017 and married in 2018. While many people may think of Danny Tanner, the character he played on “Full House,” Rizzo never saw him that way. She once told Michigan Ave magazine, “I don’t really see him as Danny Tanner. To me he’s just Bobby, my love.”

Saget was also very much in love with Rizzo. In 2018, in an interview with Closer Weekly, Saget explained, “I’m happier today, and I’m the youngest 61-year-old I know!…“I am in a great relationship… and I am surrounded by people I really care about. What more could I ask for?”

The day after Saget’s unexpected passing, multiple celebrities were seen visiting Rizzo at her home in Los Angeles. These celebrities include some of Saget’s “Full House” co-stars including John Stamos and Candace Cameron Bure. Other famous friends who stopped by to offer their condolences to Rizzo include musician John Mayer and comedian Jeff Ross.