Candace Cameron Bure Gets Emotional Reading Bob Saget’s Last Text Message

Bob Saget unexpectedly passed away on January 8, 2022. He was found in his hotel room after performing stand up and seeming perfectly healthy the previous evening. Saget’s friends and family were shocked at the news, and they are still processing the loss.

While many people know Saget as the dad on “Full House” or a comic who told dirty jokes, many of his fans didn’t see the side of him that his friends saw. According to Candace Cameron Bure, who played his daughter on “Full House,” he was “so much more” than an actor who played her dad. He was “one of my closest friends for 35 years.”

Cameron Bure talked to TODAY’s Hoda Kotb about her memories of Saget and his friendship. She explained that it’s hard for her to come to terms with the fact that he’s really gone. She said, “To think that he’s not here and we’re not going to have another joke or another hug or just another bit of ridiculousness in life – it’s almost unbearable for me to think about.”

Cameron Bure explained that Saget has an amazing mix of good qualities. She said, “He would drop anything for anyone. He just had a heart of gold. And on top of it he made you laugh.” She explained, “If you were hurting, he would hurt with you. You would see the tears well up in his eyes.”

Kotb asked Cameron Bure about the last time she had a conversation with Saget. She said that they exchanged texts just a few weeks before he passed away.

As she reached for her phone so she could read part of Saget’s last text to her, she explained, “I’m so scared that I’m going to pull up his text and then accidentally delete it one day. Like, it scares me so much because I don’t ever want to lose this.”

Watch the video below to hear Cameron Bure read part of this last text message Saget sent her and to hear more about why she misses Saget so much.