That Boat Stuck in the Suez Canal Has Finally Been Freed and Is Moving Again After 6 Days

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On March 23, 2021, a large cargo ship named the Ever Given got stuck in the Suez Canal, which is a huge problem. The Suez Canal is a major shipping route, and with a huge ship like the Ever Given stuck in the canal, it meant that no other ships could get through.

In order to avoid the backlog, some companies decided to send their ships around the southern tip of Africa instead of risking waiting indefinitely in the Suez Canal. The fact that the canal got blocked cost an estimated $400 million every hour!

Watch the video below to learn more about the the Ever Given and the efforts made to get the ship unstuck.

The tugboats were able to successfully free the Ever Given, and footage shared on Twitter showed the ship moving slowly through the canal.

The ship was officially free at 3:05pm local time on Monday, 6 days after it first got stuck. The tugboats are currently in the process of moving the Ever Given through the canal to the Great Bitter Lake. While it’s there, it will be out of the way of the traffic flow in the canal so other ships can get through. The Ever Given will also be inspected, and the area where the ship got stuck will be inspected to make sure other ships don’t get stuck.

In an official statement, the CEO of Boskalis, Peter Berdowski, said, “The time pressure to complete this operation was evident and unprecedented.” Boskalis is a Dutch company that worked with the Egyptian authorities to free the ship.