Florida Judge Has Decided To Permanently Block the Release of Bob Saget’s Death Records

On January 9, 2022, Full House actor Bob Saget was found unresponsive in his hotel room just a few hours after performing a stand-up comedy set in Orlando, Florida. He was pronounced dead not long later.

The death seemed so sudden for family and fans everywhere. Even his wife, Kelly Rizzo, couldn’t understand how it happened—after all, she had just talked with him a short bit earlier. “He was just on his way home or back to his hotel and just was telling me what a wonderful show he had and how it was so amazing,” Rizzo recalled.

After an autopsy, the cause of his death was later determined to be a head injury that Saget likely received after falling. As you can imagine, the unexpected death has been the talk of many media outlets, publishing article after article on more details of his death as they come out. But what if you were his close family—and you had to see a reminder of his passing constantly?

That’s why Saget’s family recently decided to file a lawsuit to block the release of records, photos and camera footage to media outlets. That meant that nothing of the sort was able to be given or published on news sources—and they wouldn’t have to be reminded over and over. On March 14, 2022, the family won a permanent injunction.

“This is such a sensitive topic area, that being a death and having photos just, you know, the public adoration for Mr. Saget didn’t trump those privacy interests of his family in this scenario,” Legal expert and trial attorney Tom Porto told Good Morning America, explaining why he thought the judge ruled in favor of the Saget family.

The Saget family is grateful for the ruling and feels better about not only Saget’s dignity but their privacy rights. In fact, questions that remain unanswered about Saget’s death may continue to go unanswered publicly in an effort to respect the ruling and family even more.

“In this circumstance the prosecutor, the district attorney has decided that this did not need to be investigated any further. While tragic, I do believe that is the best outcome to protect his family and their privacy interests,” Porto said.

“All the prayers and well wishes are beyond appreciated. We certainly extend ours,” said Brian H. Bieber, the lawyer who spoke on behalf of the Saget family.

To hear more about the ruling and Saget’s death check out the video below!

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