‘Birthday Tacos’ Are a New Trend That We Can Definitely Get Behind

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Just about every birthday party we have ever been to has included a cake as part of the celebration. Birthday cakes are tradition, and even if you don’t really like cake all that much, you have probably eaten quite a few at birthday parties including your own.

Sure, sometimes someone will opt for something a little bit unusual for a birthday dessert, like a birthday donut or a birthday pie, but what if you don’t even want dessert? Thankfully, there is a new trend when it comes to birthdays, and we are loving it.

Birthday tacos are now a thing, and we totally think this should become a new birthday tradition that possibly even outlives birthday cake. No need to light a candle and blow germs all over the cake. We’re perfectly fine over here eating tacos.

If you have never seen birthday tacos before you might be picturing tacos stacked in the form of a cake or perhaps even tacos filled with cake. Wrong. Wrong again. It’s even better and easier.

Birthday tacos are basically a whole bunch of tacos on a platter in the shape of the person’s age. For example, if it’s someone’s 20th birthday, he or she would get tacos in the shape of the number 20.

This is 100% something you can DIY. No intricate cake decorating skills or fancy cake toppers needed. All you do is buy or make a bunch of tacos and arrange them in the shape of numbers. It couldn’t be easier, but it still looks super impressive.

Just like how birthday cake comes in different flavors (although, “birthday cake” is an actual flavor too), tacos come in a variety of flavors as well. They could be beef tacos, chicken tacos, even fish tacos. You could use soft or hard shells; although, we love the look of the hard shells. The tacos can be customized before or after serving. You can add your favorite fixings like salsa, guacamole, sour cream, diced onions, you get the idea.


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Since tacos are a meal but cake is a dessert, technically you could have birthday tacos and birthday cake if you really want to, but if you would prefer tacos over cake, nobody is going to complain.

Do you want birthday tacos for your birthday? Would you rather have birthday tacos or birthday cake?