Bill Nye Shares Another PSA About Masks Because People Still Aren’t Getting It

We have learned a lot of very useful things on TikTok, like how to hang lights on a Christmas tree and how to juice a lemon. We partly joke about the usefulness of those things because while they are useful and time saving hacks, they won’t exactly save our lives.

You know what could potentially save our lives or the lives of the people we love? Wearing a mask.

It’s 2020, and this is not an ordinary year. Until the pandemic started, nobody in the United States wore a mask on a regular basis unless they worked in the health care profession or construction. Why was it that those professionals were wearing masks? To protect themselves.

It has been a point of debate in our great country about whether or not masks are effective at preventing the spread of COVID-19, and we’re not exactly sure why. They are effective. There are multiple studies that prove it, and there are easy ways to test the effectiveness at home. For example, put on a mask and try to blow out a candle. If you can’t blow out the candle, it’s an effective mask.

Bill Nye taught us that candle trick. He used TikTok to get out the message about how important it is to wear a mask, but it seems that his message wasn’t effective enough.

Now, Bill Nye is back, and this time he’s using a different approach to try to get the population to understand why it’s important to wear a mask. In his latest TikTok, Nye starts by showing how easy it is to talk clearly while wearing a mask. Then he pulls out a map of the United States. In red, he shows where people are wearing face masks. In black, he shows where people are getting COVID.

Nye doesn’t wait for viewers to make the correlation themselves. He points out that more people tend to be getting sick in places where people aren’t wearing face masks.

Watch the video below to see Nye’s most recent face mask PSA for yourself.

@billnyeI don’t know who needs to hear this but… ##masks work. Wear one. Carry on… ##tiktokpartner ##learnontiktok♬ original sound – Bill Nye

In the comments, many viewers are praising Nye for his easy-to-understand PSA, and they urge other viewers to listen up and wear a face mask.

One comment reads, “Y’all gonna give my man Bill a heart attack stressing him out like this. Wear a MASK.”

Another viewer wrote, “Bill Nye single handedly ended COVID.”

Do you wear a face mask when you’re out in public? Do you think Bill Nye’s TikTok video will motivate others to wear a face mask?