Bill Gates Responds To Allegations That He Was Unfaithful In His Marriage In New Interview

After 27 years of marriage, Bill Gates and Melinda French Gates got divorced. They have three children, including one who got married shortly after their divorce.

When couples are married for decades and then decide to get divorced, many people wonder what happened. It’s not like they’re newlyweds who realize they made a mistake. After all those years, divorce is less common.

French Gates sat down for an interview with Gayle King where she opened up about some of the causes of the divorce and commented on how she’s doing now. While French Gates was open and honest, there were a few questions she refused to answer. For example, when asked if her husband had been unfaithful during their marriage or if his relationship with Jeffrey Epstein had led to their divorce, she responded that Gates would need to answer those questions for himself.

Gates has finally answered those questions. He sat down with TODAY’s Savannah Guthrie to discuss his new book, “How to Prevent the Next Pandemic,” but he also answered questions about his personal life, including questions about his marriage and his divorce.

Gates admitted, “I have responsibility for causing a lot of pain in my family.” While he didn’t go into great detail about anything he may have done that caused pain, he said, “I certainly made mistakes, and I take responsibility.”

Gates admits that meeting with Epstein was one of the mistakes he made during his marriage. He explained, “I’d add that to the list of big mistakes including where Melinda’s advice was sound and I should’ve followed it sooner than I did.”

Even though their marriage is over, Gates believes he and his ex-wife will still be in each other’s lives moving forward. They plan to continue to work together at The Gates Foundation, and they will also see each other because of their three children.

Hear more of what Gates had to say during this interview in the video below.

Do you think Gates will ever remarry? Do you think he and French Gates will ever get remarried?