Vanna White Reveals Some of the Biggest ‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Fails Of All Time

Wheel of Fortune has been one of the most popular game shows since the mid-’70s, with no signs of slowing down.

The classic game is simple: A mystery word or phrase is chosen for contestants to guess letter by letter. Each participant spins a huge wheel (of fortune!) to determine how much money or points are given if they guess a correct letter. Then, as the board fills with letters, the contestants can choose to solve it to win!

Contestants win all sorts of prizes—from large chunks of change to cars and so on—just for guessing what a simple word puzzle says. Not only is it fun to watch, but it’s also fun to play along at home (and, consequently yell at the TV when you guess it right and the contestant doesn’t!).

Now, though the game show has a pretty basic concept, it can still be pretty tricky. If you play Wordle (a modern online word game that has taken the world by storm), you probably can understand the importance of letter and vowel placement, plus how many there are in the chosen puzzle. Factors like these and more make guessing the final word or phrase easier (or harder).

Over the years, there’s been some pretty impressive moments. We seriously can’t believe how many people guessed the phrase after just spotting one letter on the board!

However, where there are triumphs, there are also fails. And man, have there has been a fair share of “fails” on the show. Vanna White came onto The Kelly Clarkson Show to share some of the most memorable.

White shared that one time the final puzzle was supposed to read “More fun than a barrel of monkeys,” but someone guessed “More fun than a barrel of Vikings.” There was another time when the puzzle was “Gone with the wind,” but the person guessed “Done with one hand.” It must be so easy to get nervous when you’re solving for something so important in front of a live audience!

Don’t worry, contestants aren’t the only people who’ve made mistakes on the show—even perfect Vanna White made an error once. Yes, just once—but it was a pretty bad error that caused the producers to have to create a whole new puzzle.

Check out Vanna sharing the biggest fails—as well as her own!

Can you believe that people solve the puzzle without 100% knowing what it is? Or that Vanna White only made one mistake in her over 40 years on the show?