These Adult Bibs That Look Like Button-Up Shirts Are a Great Way to Restore Dignity to Those Who Need Them

FabricGreetings via Etsy

Kids can be messy eaters. We know that first hand. Thankfully, there’s an easy way to protect their clothes from those messes. It’s called a bib.

It’s not a big deal for little kids to wear bibs. It’s common. At home, at restaurants, anywhere they’re eating, a child wearing a bib is pretty normal, especially when that child is eating something messy.

As we get older, we’re expected to be able to eat without making a mess, and for most of us, that’s usually true; although, we’ve still had our fair share of stained clothes when we accidentally bump our cup of coffee or drop a piece of pasta in our lap. 

For some adults, eating without making a mess is just as difficult as it would be for a young child. This could be due to old age or a medical condition. The solution isn’t as easy as it is for a child. An adult wearing a bib in public might look a little bit silly.

Etsy shop FabricGreetings has come up with a wonderful solution to the adult bib problem. They have created a way to easily turn any button down shirt into a bib. The seller is not making and selling the actual bibs. Instead, this Etsy shop is selling the pattern so that anyone who buys it can make as many bibs as they want. 

The seller is calling the bib a “dignity bib” because it allows the wearer to protect his or her clothing while still maintaining his or her dignity since the bib looks like and is made from a real shirt.

Another benefit of this particular bib is that it covers not only the front of the wearer’s clothes, but it also rests in the wearer’s lap adding protection from spilled food there as well. After wearing the bib, it can easily be thrown in the washer and dryer to clean it and get it ready to be worn again.

This pattern is great because it is easy to customize based on the size you need. If you want to make a bib for a child or teen, you could use a smaller size button down shirt to achieve the same effect. 

People who have downloaded the pattern say that the instructions are very easy to follow and that the shirts are really easy to make. Many people have made multiple bibs for loved ones who would benefit from using them.

Do you know someone who would benefit from wearing a dignity bib while eating?