Betty White’s Assistant Shares the Icon’s Final Message to Fans

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Betty White never got to celebrate her actual 100th birthday, but she had been preparing to celebrate it with fans. A movie tribute was set to be released on January 17, 2022, White’s 100th birthday. Unfortunately, the actress passed away at her home on December 31, 2021, just days before her birthday.

Although White never got to actually turn 100, there’s no doubt that she lived a full life and had a full career. Her loss has been felt by more than her friends and family. She has many fans who have also been mourning her loss.

White appreciated her fans. She genuinely cared about her fans. White’s assistant, Kiersten Mikelas, says that fans would often ask White for a photo with the star. Getting her picture taken with fans was so common that Mikelas often didn’t take pictures with White because she didn’t want to impose.

Just 10 days before White’s death, Mikelas broke her rule of not asking her boss for a photo, and she’s glad she did. Mikelas believes it’s the last photo of her and White. She shared the photo on White’s Instagram page and described it as “a wonderful memory of a happy, fun-filled day!”


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The photo was taken on a special day. White filmed a video that was going to be played as part of her birthday celebration movie. While she was all “glamed up,” White’s assistant also filmed another short video clip that she and White had planned to post on the star’s 100th birthday.

White’s birthday has come and gone, but Mikelas knew she needed to share White’s video with fans. Just three days ago, the same day Mikelas shared her last photo with White, she also shared the video White made for her fans. Mikelas wrote, “She was using the occasion of her 100th birthday to celebrate YOU – her fans. She knew how lucky she was; she felt the love, and she never took it for granted. I think it’s appropriate to post today as a thank from Betty and the animals.”

Watch the video below to see White’s final message to fans and to learn more about the days leading up to her death.