11 People Share What They Think Is, Hands Down, the Best Cake in the World

ra3rn_ via Deposit Photos

Dessert comes in all sorts of forms—ice cream, brownies, cupcakes…and, the best one ever: Straight up cake.

There’s nothing quite like a good piece of cake. But how do you choose what kind? There are so many types of cakes in this world, and they’re all completely different.

Alas, the people of Reddit have spoken. In a recent thread, titled “What is the best type of cake?” people shared their absolute favorites. Warning: Don’t read this if you’re hungry and there’s no cake handy (we made that mistake!).

  1. Cookie Cake

    “With a lot of icing. And don’t you dare say it’s not a cake.”

  2. Pineapple Upside Down Cake

    “Pineapple where it belongs. No more of that pizza nonsense.”

  3. Yellow Cake with Chocolate Icing

    “Yellow sheet cake with chocolate frosting and MAYBE some sprinkles if we are getting crazy. Tastes like every potluck I have ever been to in my life and I love it!”

  4. Ice Cream Cake

    “Grew up eating this during my cousin’s parties because she was allergic to Eggs. Now I’m obsessed. So good.”

  5. Cheesecake

    “It’s like pizza in that there’s a huge variety in toppings and even a bad cheesecake is still pretty good.”

  6. Marble Pound Cake

    “My mom spent over a decade trying to get the chocolate part just right, but damn son.”

  7. Lemon Cake

    “With a cream cheese icing is far superior to all other cakes.”

  8. Tres Leches

    “Cake invented by the gods.”

  9. “Better Than Sex” Cake

    “It’s basically normal cake where you poke holes in it and drown it in evaporated milk. Then frost as usual. It’s amazing, and when you read the nutrition facts for evaporated milk you see why. It’s like 100 calories a bite, but damn is it good.”

  10. Carrot Cake

    “With cream cheese frosting and walnuts.”

  11. Ones With the Right Cake/Frosting Ratio

    “Any flavor or type can be amazing as long as there’s the perfect balance between cake, filling, and frosting. I’ve had some garbage cakes that were ruined by a bad ratio.”

What kind of cake do you dream of?