She Creates This Beautiful Bun in Just 1 Minute, and You Can Too!

We’re not all hair experts…myself included. But if you’ve got some hair troubles, how do you know how to hack it? That’s what the internet is for, my friends. Some of our favorite hair hacks come from Luxy Hair, like these 5 interesting hair tips! Whether you’re looking to fill out your thinning hair or get the perfect bun, Luxy Hair has just the thing for you. Watch their video below to learn all 5 amazing tricks.

Thinning Hair – If you’ve got thin hair or if you’re losing your hair, you don’t have to use chemicals or extensions to fill out your part. All you need is eye shadow that is a similar shade to your hair. With a small brush, fill our your part so that your hair looks naturally fuller.

Fake Bangs – Wondering if you’d rock bangs? There’s an easy hack to tell. Put your hair up in a high ponytail, then flip your hair so the ends act as “bangs”. Clip in place to see if you love or hate your potential new look.

2 Minute Curls – If you’re in a rush you can still get perfect curls! Put your hair up in two pigtails and curl three sections of each pigtail, pinning each one in place as you go. After letting them sit for 30 seconds, release your new curls!

Braided Hairband – Hair extensions aren’t just for lengthening your hair. If your hair isn’t thick enough to make a braided crown, use a hair extension to braid yourself a hair crown!

1 Minute Bun – Put your hair into a side ponytail. Break your hair up into little sections and pull the sections back up towards your head. They’ll fray – but that’s exactly the look you want. Pin that frayed section. Continue pushing the strands up and pinning them. The end result is a gorgeous, unique-looking bun.

Which one of these hair hacks is your favorite? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.