Baskin-Robbins’ Turkey Ice Cream Cake Is Back for Thanksgiving 2020

Hold on to your pilgrim hats… the 2020 holiday season has just found a way to get even crazier.

Sure, we’ve all heard the phrase “cold turkey” before, but probably never in this context. If you’re like most people and can’t get enough of the ever-popular Thanksgiving bird the undisputed star of the show you’ll be pleased to learn you won’t have to pack up the turkey before dessert at this year’s feast.

Why? Because Baskin-Robbins is rolling out a Turkey Cake, and we are absolutely here for it.

The limited-edition ice cream cake was actually dreamed up in 2008, with its shiny, realistic appearance ensuring a second glance will be given before slicing in to serve the dessert. It’s presented in the shape of a turkey, with two sugar cones acting as the “legs”, and is finished with a praline glaze.


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OK, drooling.

Instead of making the usual decision between dark and white meat, with this bad boy, you can choose which of Baskin-Robbins delicious ice cream flavors will make up the turkey’s center. From classic Vanilla to Pralines ‘n Cream, your dessert bird is sure to be the centerpiece your family never knew it always wanted.

According to Baskin-Robbins’ website, the Turkey Cake serves 12-16 guests. Playing it safe and having a smaller turnout? Throw that baby back in the freezer and bask in its goodness for weeks (fine, days) to come. After all, Thanksgiving leftovers are where it’s at, right?

If you can’t quite get behind poultry-shaped frozen delicacies, we’ve got your back. Well, Baskin-Robbins does, anyway. For the traditionalist, they’re also offering a Harvest Swirl Cake, which is topped with pumpkins and autumn leaves. This dessert is stuffed with cake and ice cream, so if you live for that combo, this dessert will tickle your taste buds.

Just looking for a classic scoop of ice cream to accompany the pie? Shoot for the November Flavor of the Month — Pumpkin Cheesecake. This seasonal flavor blends pumpkin and cheesecake ice creams, swirled with a cinnamon cream cheese ribbon and gingersnap cookie pieces.

Is your stomach growling yet? Same. 

Baskin-Robbins is offering all three limited-edition desserts in its shops throughout the month of November, but only while supplies last. Got Uber Eats, DoorDash and/or the Baskin-Robbins mobile apps? Check to see if you can score delivery in your area!

Which of these desserts is most likely to end up on your table? Are you adventurous enough to give the Turkey Cake a go? Let us know which traditional dessert you’d sacrifice to make a spot for this festive treat at this year’s Thanksgiving feast!