Boy With Autism Doesn’t Like Having His Hair Cut So Barber Finds a Creative Way To Get the Job Done

Not everyone likes to get their hair cut. For example, it can be challenging to cut children’s hair. As parents, we know first hand that children aren’t always in the mood to sit still and be patient while having their hair cut.

Bringing things like a tablet or a favorite toy can help district a child while he or she is having his or her hair cut, but what if you’re already at the barber shop and you forgot to bring something that’s essential to help your child sit still and wait patiently during the haircut?

Dr. LaQuista Erinna has a 6-year-old son named Jackson. Jackson has autism and gets overstimulated in barber shops. There have been certain barber shops that Erinna says they will never visit again because they were asked to leave due to Jackson’s behavior.

Jackson has accompanied his big brother Jordan to the barber shop before. Sheree Bethea, who is also known as “Ree the Barber,” always cuts Jordan’s hair and is always nice to Jackson.

Recently, Erinna took Jackson to have his hair cut by Bethea, but she forgot something very important. Jackson usually wears headphones when he gets his hair cut since he gets overstimulated by the noise in a barber shop including the sound of the clippers. Erinna had let the headphones at home.

Erinna was convinced Bethea wouldn’t be able to cut Jackson’s hair since he refused to sit still; however, Bethea got creative. She noticed that Jackson had a Mario toy with him and had a picture of Mario on his shirt. She used these things to turn a haircut into a game that left Jackson smiling and Erinna amazed and impressed.

Erinna told Good Morning America, “When you find someone who is just a breath of fresh air and accommodating, it really touches your heart. Ree is a gem.”

Watch the video below to hear how Bethea got Jackson to cooperate for the haircut and to see the video that Erinna took on her phone of the game Bethea made up for Jackson.

Have you ever gone somewhere where someone went above and beyond to help your child?