13 Things That Some People Think Are ‘Badass’ and Some People Think Are Incredibly Stupid

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Especially when people are young they sometimes want to appear tough or “badass.” There are certain things they might do or say to give off this image. For example, maybe they brag about getting in fights or doing daring stunts.

There’s a fine line between badass and incredibly stupid. While some people think that their daring and tough actions and words make them seem more appealing or like someone you wouldn’t want to cross, other people think these same actions make the person look irresponsible and immature.

Reddit user captmomo asked, “What do people find badass but is actually incredibly stupid?” The answers range from things people do in school to how people drive in traffic. Scroll down to see if you think these things are badass or stupid.

  1. Driving in Traffic

    Reddit user TalksBeforeThinking wrote:

    Weaving in and out of lanes of traffic at high rates of speed.

  2. Riding a Motorcycle

    MacroonFair added:

    My sister’s fiance is in a 1 percent motorcycle gang, and he loves to talk about how “tough” he is—riding his bike through thunderstorms, windstorms, and all the peril he gets in along the way (hitting guardrails, losing control of the bike, etc.) I just sit there like, that doesn’t make you cool, that makes you stupid

  3. Acting Like Bad Guys in Movies

    morgan145 answered:

    Trying to emulate sociopaths/psychopaths, especially ones from TV/movies/video games.I knew a guy in college who was wayyyy too into the Joker. He started wearing a purple trenchcoat, mimicked the Joker’s laugh, and even carried knives around, though he never tried to hurt anyone. I mean I’m all for loving dark characters, but believe me, you’re not them and shouldn’t try to be them. Also, people who think being rude and obnoxious on purpose makes them interesting.

  4. In School

    Foxy-roxiemouse shared:

    Doing badly in classes/skipping school.

  5. Social Media

    SilverKoi24 wrote:

    Posting your whole life on social media. It’s funny when you think how much some people value their privacy.

  6. Workaholic

    Hereistothehometeam explained:

    Bragging about how many hours you put in at your job and how each day you have to slam an energy drink just to hold your eyes open because you only let yourself get 3 hours of sleep at night, but hey, gotta chase the bag

  7. Alcohol

    AbsurdistOxymoron shared:

    Excessive drinking (at least with young people). It’s weird. When you’re young people seem to find being able to drink massive amounts admirable or impressive but the minute middle-age hits it becomes a problem and pitiful. I really do worry about some people I know who are younger and have massive drinking problems and who don’t seem to be able to see the long-term problems it could cause them.

  8. Protect Your Head

    SillyEnchilada answered:

    Smashing beer cans and bottles on their head.

  9. The Noise!

    Joe_Huxley added:

    Excessively loud car engines

  10. Sarcasm

    pinbug shared:

    Constantly being sarcastic or having an “offensive” sense of humor in order to seem contrarian.

  11. Failing

    pluarlistThoughts wrote:

    Bad grades. When i was in school, the bullies bragged about failing tests. lol.

  12. Sleep

    Another Reddit user shared:

    It’s so weird how many people brag to me about how little sleep they get. I can’t recall a single conversation with someone who actually gets enough sleep. And it’s not like I go around asking people about their sleep hygiene, habits, or experiences. I don’t even know how I get into these conversations. IDK, maybe there is a predominant amount of people who have sleep issues and it truly is a huge issue that we don’t address and it’s turned almost into a cultural issue too. And maybe I take my eight hours for granted.

  13. Ignorance

    kukulele explained:

    Willful ignorance.For some reason, it’s become en vogue to stay uninformed on something rather than to have enough of the basic information to have a simple stance or opinion. It’s even more tragic considering the ease at which information is accessible now. It’s not like you have to go to the library and learn the Dewey Decimal System to find the most basic information on things.