15 Women Share the Most Backhanded Compliments They’ve Ever Received

AntonioGuillemF via Deposit Photos

There are compliments that make you smile. And then there are “compliments” that deserve every inch of those quotes around them.

You know the ones we’re talking about: The backhanded ones that make you raise an eyebrow, asking yourself “is that supposed to be a good thing?” The person may have said it as a compliment but you know, in fact, that it was so not.

Women are especially subject to these kinds of backhanded comments—and the proof is in this Reddit thread. Here are 15 of the weirdest “compliments” that women have ever received.

  1. “You are X for a girl.”

    “If you have to qualify a compliment it is not a compliment.”

  2. “You’re pretty so you’ll be fine.”

    “Thanks. So helpful to know that being pretty (not any of the hard work I’ve put in/will put in) equates to my success.”

  3. “You’re pretty smart for a farmer’s daughter.”

    “When I was in college I was on a debate team, and after I won a debate from this horrible guy, we shook hands and he [said this to me.] I nearly sucker punched him. Which is another thing my farmer dad taught me.”

  4. “I like your hair when you leave it down.”

    “From ex-boyfriend when I had my hair half-up in a style that I thought looked really nice on me.”

  5. “You’re not commercially beautiful…”

    “…But there’s something about you.”

  6. “I don’t think you’re that fat.”

    “I just want you to know.”

  7. “My ex-wife is also named [my name], but she’s much fatter.”

    “Just wow.”

  8. “Your sister’s the nice one and you’re the clever one.”

    “From my mother. I don’t know for whom of us it was a worse compliment.”

  9. “I’m really attracted to you…”

    “…For some reason.”

  10. “Wow, you eat everything. That’s awesome.”

    “Said on a date at a restaurant. I was hungry, okay? Damn.”

  11. “You’d be hot if you lost some weight.”

    “Have you tried running?”

  12. “You are sexy even though…”

    “…You’re younger than my daughter.”

  13. “You’re a lot smarter than you seem.”


  14. “You look better without your glasses.”

    “You should really take them off.”

  15. “You look like a vampire.”

    “It’s cool.”

Wow! Some of these compliments are really not very endearing. Which one of these made you laugh the hardest? What’s the most backhanded comment you’ve ever received?