Adorable Newborn Sings Along with His Mother

Baby singing with mom.RM Videos

Be honest, every parent secretly (and in some cases, not so secretly) hopes that their children will have similar interests to them. If you’re a football coach, odds are you’d love to see your kids enjoy something you love! It’s a surefire way to bond with your children and feel like you’re both connected.

Well, this mom is starting to see the first glimpses of that in her infant son and it couldn’t be sweeter to see!

This woman is an avid churchgoer, so taking her baby to church for the first time was understandably a huge deal. But the first thing this newborn experiences in the church wasn’t a mass exactly, but a choir practice.

That’s right, mom sings with the choir — we think she may even be the director, considering how she’s instructing the singers at first. Very quickly, however, she’s only instructing one person: her adorable baby boy.

Baby listens to mom singing.RM Videos
When the video starts, mom is sitting on the altar steps, holding the cutest little baby in her hands. She’s singing a Gospel hymn and she tells her fellow singers (who are all out of the frame) to “sing Jesus,” which they do.

But she probably didn’t expect the youngest choir member to “sing Jesus,” too!

As soon as mom sings the line, the baby does his best to copy her voice, and it sounds pretty close to what she sang. Every time she sings the line emphatically, her son sings it (in the best way he can) right back at her! It’s so adorable, it just warms your heart.

Even when he’s not singing, this adorable little one looks so entranced by his mom’s voice. He has a big smile on his face the entire time and he looks so excited to hear the song every time, even when mom’s repeated it for several minutes on end — it just doesn’t get old for him.

Typically, it takes a baby until their toddler-age to start experimenting with vocal patterns like singing. But it seems like this little boy has a born talent that he’s going to develop early on in his life! This must be so exciting to his mom, who obviously loves song and cherishes her religion, to know that her son is most likely going to have a wonderful, musical future in the church she undoubtedly loves.

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