Manufacturers Say That Baby Formula Shortage Could Last Months


Many parents rely on baby formula to feed their babies. Even some moms who breastfeed their babies supplement with formula from time to time.

Currently, there is a baby formula shortage in the United States, and that is leaving parents scrambling. While some critics tell the moms to simply breastfeed their babies instead, that is not always an option. Many parents who formula feed their babies do so because breastfeeding does not work for them. It could be that the mom is unable to breastfeed. It could be that the baby has an allergic reaction to the mom’s breastmilk. It could be that circumstances like the mom’s work schedule or access to a breast pump make it impossible for the baby to drink breastmilk.

These babies need formula and it used to be as easy as driving to your local grocery store in order to buy it. That is not the case right now.

Remember the toilet paper shortage of 2020? Remember trying to make a role of toilet paper last as long as possible? That’s what parents are currently dealing with now when it comes to formula. Some moms are driving to store after store and still unable to find the formula they need to feed their babies. It’s frightening.

Unfortunately, the formula shortage is not expected to go away any time soon. Manufacturers say that it could last until next year. Watch the video below to find out the lastest information about the formula shortage and what the U.S. government plans to do to try to make it easier for parents to find the formula they need to feed their babies.

If you are having trouble finding formula, try reaching out to family and friends who live in other neighborhoods or states. Ask them to look for it when they go to the store. Also, when you find formula for your baby, resist the urge to hoard it. That only makes the problem worse for other parents who are also searching for formula.