Awkward Speeding Stop for Highway Patrol Trooper

FOX 35 Orlando

Where is Florida county commissioner Joe Mullins going in such a hurry? Nobody knows. He doesn’t seem to care if anybody knows. However, he definitely wants the highway patrol officers to know who he is and what he does.

Back in June, Mullins was pulled over for speeding on two separate occasions within just a couple weeks. The first time was on June 2nd. He was driving a gray Mercedes Benz SUV, and he was going 89 mph in a 60 mph zone.

According to the citation, he was actually going 91.7 mph. That’s pretty fast, and that’s much faster than the speed limit.

Two troopers pulled Mullins over, and they described him as “extremely condescending, belligerent, illogical and disrespectful.” They added that he actually “flashed his business card to get out of ticket.”

So, why was Mullins speeding? In a letter to the Seminole County Clerk of the Courts, he claimed that he was “running behind in my work meeting schedule” and “speeding up to bypass traffic from one lane to another.”

Then on June 19, Mullins was pulled over for speeding again. This time, he was driving a red Ferrari, and he was caught going 92 mph in a 70 mph zone.

This time, Mullins didn’t flash his business card. Instead, in dashcam footage, we hear the trooper say, “Usually I give warnings, I give breaks. But it looks like you’ve been written a warning already.” The trooper informed Mullins that he would be getting a citation, and he proceeded to explain the citation rules. 

While the trooper was talking, Mullins interrupted him to say, “I run the county.” When the officer responded in confusion at what he meant, Mullins added, “Yeah, I’m chairman of the county commission.”

The trooper didn’t care who Mullins was. He proceeded to explain the citation. At the end of the footage, we see Mullins appearing to speed away into traffic.

Watch this strange interaction between the highway patrol and a county commissioner for yourself in the video below.

After this interaction, Mullins explained in a letter to the Flagler County magistrate judge that he was speeding because he was “preparing for family to come into town and running behind in my work schedule rushing between meeting.” He added, “I lost track of time  while taking calls and dealing with traffic knowing I was behind schedule, I was not paying attention to my speed nor the limit.”

Do you think Mullins’ behavior when pulled over for speeding was disrespectful? Do you think he will learn to stop speeding?