10 Things You Might Want To Avoid Buying At Dollar Stores

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When you walk into a dollar store, it can be overwhelming in a good way. All of these items for only a dollar? It seems incredible. If you’re on a budget, (and with inflation, aren’t we all?) it can seem like common sense to shop at dollar stores for as many items as possible.

While we love dollar stores for items like party supplies and seasonal decor, the products in the stores aren’t always safe to use, and sometimes you’ll even get a better value at a different store.

Scroll down to discover 10 types of products you probably don’t want to buy at your local dollar store, and that includes Dollar Tree. Now that Dollar Tree’s prices have increased from one dollar to $1.25, some products that used to be a good value are actually less expensive elsewhere.

  1. Beauty Products

    Unless you find a name brand beauty item in the beauty aisle that looks new, it’s best to avoid buying beauty products from a dollar store. In general, it’s best to avoid buying anything that goes in or on your body. The ingredients could cause an allergic reaction or health issues, and the products may be old and expired. You’re better off shopping for beauty products at a big box store like Target or Walmart.

  2. Food

    Many food items at dollar stores may be nearing or past their expiration dates. Products that aren’t name brands may contain questionable ingredients. Even name brand options may be in smaller than usual sizes which could mean that you’d actually get a better value buying a larger package at a warehouse store like Costco or a big box store like Target.

  3. Batteries

    The batteries sold at dollar stores typically don’t last as long as the name brand batteries sold elsewhere. It’s usually a better value to buy name brand batteries you can trust. This will most likely save you money in the long run and avoid risking dangerous leaking batteries when they stop working too quickly.

  4. Toiletries

    Just like beauty products, it’s best to skip the toiletries at the dollar store as well. They also may contain questionable ingredients, be nearing their expiration date or come in smaller sizes where you’d actually get a better value at a store like Target or Walmart.

  5. Toilet Paper and Paper Towels

    toilet paper

    Paper towels and toilet paper might seem like a good value at first glance, but the dollar store versions of these products are typically thinner and less absorbent than name brands or even store brands at big box stores. You’re not saving any money if you have to use more of a cheaper product to do the same job.

  6. School Supplies

    It might be tempting to do your back to school shopping at your local dollar store, but it’s really not the best idea. While you can certainly get a lot of your school supplies for a small price tag, the quality most likely won’t be the best. Nobody wants to deal with pencils that don’t write well and pens that run out of ink way too early. It’s often better to stock up at a big box store or even your local warehouse store, especially if you have multiple kids who can share the large packs of pencils, for example.

  7. Tools

    A dollar for a hammer might sound like a great deal, but it’s not if that hammer breaks quickly. It’s better to invest more in higher quality tools that will last a long time.

  8. Electronics

    The saying goes that you get what you pay for. Don’t expect electronics purchased at a dollar store to work very well or last very long. Power cords and chargers will most likely end up being a waste of money.

  9. Plastic Storage for Food

    Yes, plastic containers can be a great way to store leftovers and meal prep, but the ones sold at dollar stores may contain toxins that could be released into your food. It’s not worth the risk.

  10. Jewelry

    Jewelry sold at a dollar store is not made that well. It might hold up to a few uses, but don’t be surprised if it breaks quickly. It also might discolor any skin that it touches.