13 Women Who Had the Audacity To Dress Like Brides At Other People’s Weddings

u/ShamelessCat via Reddit

When it comes to attending a friend’s wedding, almost anything goes in terms of your own attire—except one thing. And you probably know what that is: Wearing white.

Wearing white has been a long-standing no-no in wedding culture for a long time. Because the bride traditionally wears white, and it’s her special day, it’s common courtesy to wear a different color so she stands out.

However, there are always those people who like to stir up trouble. Even though this is a common rule, people have still gone against it—and there are pictures to prove it. Here are 13 women who decided they were going to dress like the bride at a wedding that wasn’t theirs.

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The nerve! Can you believe the dresses on some of these women?