Man Wants to Know If He’s the Jerk for Asking Breastfeeding Mom To Sit At Another Table

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If you’re a breastfeeding mom, you know that your baby can get hungry anytime, anywhere. The convenient part about it is that you always have the baby’s food ready to go—straight from the source. However, if you’re in a crowded spot when that happens, other people may feel uncomfortable at the site of a bare breast in public (even if it’s a completely natural thing).

Case in point: One 27-year-old man, who told a breastfeeding woman to leave because he felt uncomfortable. He later felt like a total jerk about it, and asked Reddit whether or not he should’ve done what he did.

In his post, the man explained that he was at a work café when a woman with a baby walked in. “It was so busy that it looked like there was only like 2 open seats available, 1 of which happened to be the sit across from my small table,” he said. “This women asked if she can sit at the table. I said yes because what harm would it have done otherwise?”

Well, after a little bit of time rolls by, the baby began to get a little fussy. So, even though she was surrounded by people, the woman put her baby on her breast and began to feed her.

“Obviously I’m just avoiding all eye contact but it got so uncomfortable that I ended up asking if she might be able to see if she can sit at the other table,” the man said. “I’m just trying to sit here, drink this cup of coffee, finish reading in my portfolio and leave.”

Apparently, the woman “looked sorry” and told him that since the baby was already eating, she couldn’t eave just yet. So before she could finish, the man “downed his coffee” and left.

He later said how people looked at him “like [he] was a do*che,” and that it’s been bothering him ever since. “I know it’s a natural thing for baby’s and moms and that there’s nothing I can do. I wasn’t going to try and force her away so I left,” he explained. “Was it to far to ask if she may have sat at the other table? Idk I feel like I was an a**hole thinking about it now. But I just didn’t know what to say when a random women is breastfeeding 3 feet away.”

As you might imagine, women around the world went awol on this man.

“Yes. 1000% yes YTA (you’re the a**hole). This woman probably got two hours of sleep last night, has a crushingly awful mix of hormones in her body, she tried to escape and do ONE adult thing for herself, only to have to feed her crying baby and then you give her a hard time?” one woman stated. “Women get berated in public no matter how they decide to feed their child, LEAVE HER BE. She wasn’t shoving her boob into your face, she was literally feeding and sustaining another life that deserves and has ALL right to eat however makes them comfortable. Women aren’t public property so please, lay off of us,” another wrote.

“Mate, get over it – this shouldn’t even be a weird thing – it’s literally a natural thing that is needed. You made it weird, you saw a bit of skin and you got all weird about it. You probably see more skin at the beach and don’t even care,” said another.

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What do you think about what this man did?