Ask to Keep Extras During Your Hospital Visit

We came across a great tip recently about how to save money if you have the unfortunate luck of having to visit a hospital for treatment. This tip was posted on the Living on a Dime blog and came from the author’s son:

Anyway he had a good tip for me to give to our readers. When they were fixing his toe the nurse took out a large tube of antibacterial ointment to apply to it. He asked her “Are you throwing that tube out?” and she said “Yes, did he want it because he had paid for it?”. He said it is enough ointment to last their family for 3-4 years it is so big. Then she took a huge piece of gauze and cut a small piece from it again he asked for the remains.

You can ask for these things. My mom has gotten scissors that they use when putting in stitches or tweezers when they take out stitches.

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