Artist Sells Invisible Sculpture Creation for $18,000

salvatore_garau via Instagram

There are many different types of art. When we think of works of art, we think of paintings and sculptures we would see in museums. We also think of architecture and even food. Art really can come in many forms, but can it be invisible?

An artist named Salvatore Garau has created several pieces of invisible art. These invisible sculptures have names and are on display as if there is something to see.

This artwork isn’t simply see-through. It’s not made out of glass or clear plastic or some other new material. There is nothing there, yet Garau claims they exist. He explains that the artwork is definitely not nothing. It is something that exists in his mind. It requires imagination.

You can see one of his invisible creations in the video below.


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One of Garau’s invisible sculptures sold for $18,000. The invisible sculpture even comes with instructions on how it should be displayed. It needs to be placed in an area 5 feet by 5 feet with nothing else in that area. You know, as if there’s a sculpture there that can be seen.

We honestly can’t help but think of the story “The Emperor’s New Clothes” when we contemplate invisible artwork. In that story, the Emperor is told that he will be getting beautiful new clothes, but the people making the clothes used invisible thread to weave the fabric. They only pretended to make the clothes, but the Emperor was too proud to admit that he couldn’t see them. Everyone was too embarrassed to admit that they couldn’t see the fabric.

Do you think invisible artwork is like the story “The Emperor’s New Clothes”? Why do you think someone paid $18,000 for a sculpture that exists in the mind of the creator but is not something that can actually be seen?