Artist Pairs Shoes With Matching Food in Instagram Photo Series

What do food and shoes have in common? We didn’t think anything really—until Bobby Martin began his mesmerizing Instagram account, and made it even more apparent that you can make art out of anything.

Bobby describes his Instagram, which is called shoeyourfood, as “the fusion of food and footwear.” And it’s exactly what you might imagine. He essentially pairs all different kinds of sneakers with colorful, delicious-looking dishes that match each other perfectly.

It may sound a little odd, but trust us: It totally works. A green and red pair of Nike Airs pairs perfectly with a mozzarella, basil and tomato pizza—and dark brown Nubuck field boot looks aesthetically pleasing next to a cast iron seared filet mignon with broccoli rabbe. Who knew?

A little bit of background around Bobby: He has worked as a chef for 10 years, and has been in the food industry for 17. He has an immense passion for food, but didn’t quite feel he was being as creative with it as he could’ve been.

“My role in the food industry as a director requires me to where suits and some of the freshest shoes, although they’re not sneakers—I’m not using my culinary creativity as often as I used to,” Bobby said. “To feed my passion for creativity in the kitchen and find a way put my sneaker collection to use, I came up with the idea to pair the two together.”

Check out some of his amazing work below. For instance, these red California Pumas sneakers atop a delicious-looking strawberry shortcake.

Or how about these mustard-colored Adidas Pharrell Williams with a creamy acorn squash soup with crème fraîche?

Probably one of our favorites are these black and white Jordan 4 Retro Ls with some Oreos and an Oreo milkshake. Yum!

Seriously, how is this man able to make sneakers look so delicious? It’s true talent. And with a growing Instagram and ideas for new food and shoe fusions, Bobby isn’t even close to ending this cool phenomenon he’s developed. In fact, he wants to take the series even further.

“I can’t wait to do is an interactive food-art gallery,” he said. “The vision is to highlight a prolific sneakerhead and their collection. The food served at the event will be paired with the collection and displayed the only way Shoe Your Food knows how to.”

Additionally, Bobby has recently create his own website with a print shop where users will be able to purchase prints of the photos to frame and hang in their home. What a great idea for a kitchen! Check it out.

“I’m most excited to continue growing my reach and connecting with other sneakerheads, foodies, artists and tastemakers around the world,” Bobby says. “With many sneakerheads being young people, I’d love to be the source of exposing them to new, exciting and even healthier food options.”

What do you think of Shoe Your Food? Are you as mesmerized as we are by the coordinating shoes and intricate dishes?