Have You Been Applying Your Eyeshadow The Wrong Way?

If you’re anything like me, then doing your makeup is tricky business. Let’s just say, I’m a bit clumsy with the eyeliner! Fortunately, we’ve got some super helpful tips for you today courtesy of gorgeous YouTube beauty guru Stephanie Lange. Say goodbye to runny, chunky, and cakey-looking shadow—these really are some masterful tricks!

Did you know that even makeup pros like Stephanie have trouble applying their shadow? The YouTuber kicks off the video by explaining just how frustrating the process can be. She says, “You would think eyeshadow is pretty straightforward—you know, whack some eyeshadow on the lid, and you’re good to go. But, it’s not quite that simple.” Agreed!

In her video, the YouTuber does a great job highlighting how she gets her signature doe-eyed look. Just follow her simple steps, and you will achieve beautiful and dramatic-looking eyes, too.

  1. Brush on a base

    Stephanie stresses that using a base is the most fundamental step to achieving crease-free shadow. You can use a concealer, an eyeshadow primer, or even a foundation. Be sure to follow up the base with a powder so that it fully dries before the rest of the eye makeup is applied.

  2. Apply shimmery shadow strategically

    Shimmery shadow can help you create a stunning look, but the application can be a bit tough. Stephanie suggests only applying this type of shadow to the inner corners and the spaces under the brow lines. This placement will allow you to create a more “open” look.

  3. Create your crease

    If you are looking to achieve a “big eyes” look, then consider extending your natural crease. You can do this by brushing a dark color onto your natural lid line, then traveling up until you can clearly see the color when looking straight ahead in a mirror. Once the color is visible, you can start to gently blend the shadow upward with a fluffy brush.

  4. Use a lighter color on your lower lash line

    Many women are tempted to use a dark line of shadow on their lower lash line, but that just tends to create a harsh look. Instead, opt for a lighter color than the one you are wearing on your lids. Stephanie says that this technique will “balance your eyes out” and help them look “bigger and more awake.” That does look much better!

  5. Line that water line

    Though some people tend to get squeamish and shy away from this technique, lining your water line will ensure that instant attention is brought to your eyes. Instead of lining your outside lash lines, just line both your upper and lower water lines. This really helps the eyes pop!

Stephanie decided to take her own advice on one of her eyes. Do you see the difference? We think her left eye looks SO much more striking than her right!

Watch Stephanie Lange’s video below to get the full “do’s” and “don’ts” of eye makeup application.

What do you think about Stephanie’s makeup advice? Would you do anything differently? Do you have any brilliant eye makeup hacks of your own? Tell us all about your thoughts and experiences in the comments section below!