17 People Who Prove That Anyone Can Wear a Mask

You probably never leave the house without ensuring you have the essentials: You know, your car keys, wallet, oh, and your face mask.

Masks are a necessary piece of your wardrobe these days, thanks to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. And while they’re certainly not the most comfortable piece of apparel to wear, they’ve been proven to keep you and others around you safe and healthy.

However, you’ve probably seen some of the stories about those people who refuse to wear masks. Whether they claim it’s due to breathing issues or freedom of speech, it doesn’t matter—if you walk into a store that requires a mask, you’re obligated to follow the rules.

Thankfully, there are some real mask-wearing heroes in this world, proving that if they can wear a mask, so can anyone. Here are 17 people who are lighting up the world one mask at a time.

  1. This Little Boy With Cystic Fibrosis

  2. This Woman Battling Cancer

  3. This Hardworking Healthcare Provider

  4. This Woman With Severe Asthma

  5. This 12-Hour-Shift Working Man

  6. This Adorable Little Boy

  7. This Recovered COVID Patient

  8. This Man in His 90s

  9. This Boy With ADHD

  10. This Man Sweating Bullets

  11. This Marine

  12. This Active 8-Year-Old

  13. This Squatting Beast

  14. This Tiny Toddler

  15. This Professional Baseball Player

  16. This Asthma-Fighting Tike

  17. And This Cat From the Flu Epidemic

Have you seen anyone who has refused to wear a mask?