Jaw-Dropping Footage from This Anti-Mask Rally Has Gone Viral

There are those people who believe all the data and the studies that say wearing a cloth face covering or a face mask helps prevent the spread of COVID-19. This same group of people also cares about protecting themselves and others from getting sick. 

Then, there are those people who believe that nobody should be forced to wear a mask. We have seen plenty of examples of people getting very angry when they were told to wear a face mask, but now there is footage from an anti-mask rally in Utah that is going Viral.

The rally was held outside an administration building near St. George, Utah. We’re not sure why the rally was held in this particular spot considering the school administration had nothing to do with the mask mandate that was given by the state’s governor.

Watch footage from this anti-mask rally below.

There is a mixed response to this rally on Twitter. Some people agree with the protestors.

Many other people think the protestors are being ridiculous and should just wear a mask already.

What do you think about this anti-mask protest?