Anti-Mask ‘Karen’ Spews Racist Rant After Black Employee Refuses to Serve Her

@crazykarens via Twitter

Ever since states and businesses started requiring people to wear face masks in public areas and inside stores, there have been anti-maskers. At first, we could kind of understand the fear of something new – wearing a face mask. However, it has been a year, and most of us own numerous face masks. We even coordinate them with our outfit.

Not everyone has come to accept face mask rules. While some states have ended their face mask mandates, businesses still have the right to require customers and employees to wear face masks. Just like “no shirt, no shoes, no service” rules that we’ve seen posted at businesses as long as we can remember, businesses have the right to require face masks.

Some people think they’re above the rules, and when they’re put in their place, they act out. Here’s a sad but true example.

A woman named Stephanie Denaro entered Essex Market in New York City. She was there with her children. None of them were wearing face masks. It’s important to note that Denaro is a white woman, and her children appear to be mixed race. Denaro later said that her children have a Black father.

Denaro wanted to buy some bagels, but the employee behind the counter refused to serve her since she wasn’t wearing a face mask. Denaro got mad about that and spewed very racist words at the Black man behind the counter. He didn’t seem to react negatively at all, but other customers groaned in shock and outrage. The security guard insisted that Denaro leave.

You can watch the whole incident in the video below.

Denaro refused to leave at first, but she finally left when someone called the police. The police have no record of any 911 calls from this location at that particularly day.

In a phone interview, Denaro told the Daily News that she is not at all concerned about the video of her racist comments going viral. She said, “It’s actually great, because they’re forcing people in New York City to wear masks. It’s political theater. I don’t believe in COVID-19.”

Meanwhile, the Davidovich Bakery took to Facebook to commend their employee who refused to serve Denaro.

“We want to commend our employee on his handling of the sad incident which occurred at the Essex Market. As is true with any family an attack on one member of the family is an attack on all of us. Davidovich is a family run business and a family. We stand with all our employees for handling this situation of hate and bigotry with professionalism and grace. We intend to make it clear that this customer or anyone who uses racism and any insensitive language, simply is not welcome in our stores.”

Have you ever confronted someone about not wearing a face mask?