15 People Share the Most Annoying Responses They Regularly Get To Their Names


Many parents spend a lot of time trying to pick the perfect baby name for their son or daughter. They pour over baby name books and baby name lists. Yet, they don’t always anticipate the problems a child might encounter later in life due to their name.

Sometimes, the name itself becomes a sort of joke or sounds like something that isn’t so nice. Sometimes, the name is confusing to spell or pronounce. Sometimes the name causes a lot of people to ask the same questions over and over again.

Some people probably can’t relate to what it’s like to have an annoying name, but many, many people can. You might be surprised what some people find annoying about their names, and often, it’s not the name itself that’s annoying but the way people react to the name.

For example, one man named Marcus shared the most annoying thing about his name on Twitter. He explained that whenever he meets someone, they ask if he goes by Mark. The answer is no.

Marcus also wanted to know what problems other Twitter users have with their names. The answers are both amusing and eye-opening. Scroll down for some of our favorite responses to Marcus’s question.

  1. Paris

  2. Colin

  3. Leigh

  4. Suzie

  5. Lottie

  6. Katie Smith

  7. Ryan

  8. Cassie

  9. Mary-Anne

  10. Vivian

  11. Fiona

  12. Marti

  13. James

  14. Holland

  15. Karen