Anne Heche’s Ex-Husband Shares An Emotional Tribute

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Anne Heche’s ex-husband, Coley Laffoon, shared an emotional tribute on Instagram.

Laffoon and Heche married in 2001 and separated in 2007, officially divorcing in 2009. The couple had one son, Homer, together. Homer was born in 2002.

Laffoon fought back tears in his Instagram post, saying:

Hey, it’s Coley. In the wake of Anne’s passing, I just want to say a few things.

One: I loved her and I miss her and I’m always going to.

Two: Homer is okay. He’s grieving, of course, and it’s rough. It’s really rough, as probably anybody can imagine, but he’s surrounded by family and he’s strong and he’s gonna be okay.

So for all those people checking in, thank you. Your check in, showing us your heart, offering prayers and everything. So beautiful. Thank you. It’s hard for me. It’s hard for my family. It’s really hard for Homer, but we got each other and we have a lot of support and we’re going to be okay.

And I think Anne is probably … I like to think she’s free. Free from pain and enjoying or experiencing whatever is next in her journey. She came in hot, and she had a lot to say. She was brave and fearless, loved really hard, and was never afraid to let us know what she thinks and what she believed in. And it was always love. It was all about love.

So goodbye, Anne. Love you. Thank you. Thank you for all the good times. There were so many. And see you on the other side. And in the meantime, I’ve got our son and he’ll be fine. Love you.

Heche had been in a relationship with Ellen DeGeneres when she reportedly left DeGeneres for Laffoon, a cameraman whom she had met while on DeGeneres’s stand-up comedy tour. Heche left her Laffoon for Men in Trees co-star James Tupper.

Heche and ex-husband Laffoon:

Heche and ex-husband Laffoon:

Heche and ex-husband Laffoon:

Soon after posting his condolences video, Laffoon posted the below picture of Heche with Homer when he was a baby, along with the caption: “It’s important to remember the real love in the best times. Thank you Anne. Peace on your journey.”

Laffoon is now married to Alexi. Together they run the Laffoon Group, a boutique realtor. According to, they live in Miracle Mile with children Homer, Zoey (6), Emmylou (4), and “another one on the way”.

It appears that information is a little bit outdated, as Laffoon posted the photo below of his children in 2021, which looks to include the one who was “on the way”:

And Laffoon posted a picture of Homer and a sweet note to him in March of 2021: