Anne Heche All Smiles in Last Post

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Anne Heche’s last Instagram post showed the actress in happier times. The Emmy Award Winning actress is seen in a selfie Mathew Lawrence, Joey Lawrence and Joey’s wife Samantha Cop

The selfie was posted on July 14th showed Heche smiling, in bright colors, enjoying herself. “Good times on set with Lawrence Bros!, she writes in her post.

This will be the last post from Heche who was declared brain-dead this Friday after severe head trauma as the result of a high-speed car crash. Her heart is still pumping to allow for organ harvesting.

Words from previous girlfriend Ellen Degeneres and other Hollywood stars have poured in on social media. click here

Friday, August 5th the Donnie Brasco star was involved in a fiery crash, when Heche’s Blue Mini Cooper slammed into a residential home in the Mar Vista neighborhood in Los Angeles.

Heche was a radiant star on screen and will be missed. Rest in Peace.

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