21 Photos of Animals Who Are Just Living Their Best Lives

thesnuggleisrl via Instagram

We all love animals—but we especially love animals when they’re doing something funny. And the animals on the Instagram “The Snuggle is Real” is one of the best animal accounts we’ve ever seen.

On the account, which has over 85,000 followers, you’ll find tons of pictures of animals simply living their best lives. Each one is better than the next. Here’s a sneak peak of some of our favorite posts, but be sure to give the account a follow for more!

  1. This Smart Pup

  2. This Thirsty Horse

  3. This Hungry Cat

  4. This Curious Bear

  5. These Apple-Loving Bears

  6. This Bird Whisperer

  7. This Peaceful Hampster

  8. This Frog With a “Sweet” Hat

  9. This Relaxed Doggo

  10. This Photobombing Cutie

  11. This Leader of the Pack

  12. This TikTok Star

  13. This Dreamer

  14. This Reptile Ready to Rage

  15. This Duck Family Who Just Wanted Some Chips

  16. This Savior Cat

  17. This Pigeon Taking His Time

  18. This Very Active Feline

  19. This Scaly Date Night

  20. These BFFs

  21. This Jolly Pupper

Which animal is your favorite?