Amy Schumer Shares Her ‘Cute’ C-Section Scar On Instagram

amyschumer via Instagram

Amy Schumer is the queen of comedy, but she’s also the queen of keeping it real on her social media when it comes to motherhood—a pretty refreshing feat, especially when social media is usually hidden by all the more dazzling moments of being a parent.

Moms, you can probably relate: maybe you’ve experienced the exhaustion, the explosive diapers, the crying, crying and more crying—but then see all of these moms totally killing it at motherhood while you’re scrolling Instagram as your newborn spits up all over you. It can. Be pretty isolating, can’t it?

While motherhood is sometimes the best thing in the world, it can also be the most lonely at times. Well, unless you know you’re not alone, of course. And Schumer helps us know that.

Schumer has documented all of the not-so-glam moments of motherhood, from her postpartum looks to even donning hospital underwear, and she’s gotten a ton of praise in the process for being so real. And now, she’s done it again by posting a raw and vulnerable post that many moms can also relate to: Her c-section scar.

“Feeling like my c section looks cute today!” she captioned the naked mirror selfie with her scar smack dab in the middle.

What we love about this: C-section scars are something a lot of moms might come away with after giving birth, but always keep hidden. Even though it’s symbolic of giving birth, people feel it’s an eyesore or they may even feel ashamed about not giving birth vaginally (which they*definitely* should not feel)

Getting a c-section is a major, major surgery and ordeal, and something that moms should be extremely proud of. So when we see moms like Schumer with the confidence to show off their scars like this, we can’t help but feel all the pride in the world!

Check out her post below.


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Schumer’s Instagram was flooded with positivity on the post, which received over 455,000 likes.

“Amen sister! Scars are beautiful,” someone posted.

“It’s a beautiful battle scar,” someone else responded.

“Amy you are amazing!” another praised. “So brave!”

We couldn’t echo these sentiments more.

Her little boy, Gene, is one lucky baby to have this lady as his mama!

Do you know someone who has gotten a c-section before? Have you ever seen their scar? If you’ve had a c-section, we dare you to show off your scar!