Amy Schumer Gets Red Carpet Ready For Her First COVID Vaccine

amyschumer via Instagram

It has been about a year since we all stopped going places. We learned how to entertain ourselves at home and became pros at using Zoom for everything from school, to work and socializing.

We didn’t want there to be a new normal, but we found ourselves living through it. Everything from drive-by birthday parties to face masks became common, but it won’t always be this way. The fact that many people are lining up to get vaccinated for COVID-19 means we are one step closer to the way life was before the pandemic.

While many of us took advantage of days at home as an opportunity to wear pjs or sweats all day, now that the world is slowly returning to normal, we need to try on those to jeans to make sure they still fit. We might even need to try on an evening gown.

Amy Schumer thinks that getting vaccinated for COVID-19 is a reason to get dressed up, and we can’t disagree. The actress showed up for her first COVID vaccine appointment looking like she was ready to walk down the red carpet.

Schumer shared a video on Instagram about the experience. It starts with Schumer in the car on the way to the vaccination location. She clearly looks excited. Then, as she waits to get vaccinated, she takes the opportunity to explain that she isn’t scared of the vaccine. There is also footage of Schumer looking a little nervous when the needle goes in her arm, but then she seems surprised that it was over so quickly. She asked, “That’s it?”


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Dolly Parton started a vaccine fashion trend when she showed up for her vaccine wearing a cold-shoulder style shirt with cutouts perfectly placed for the vaccine to be inserted in the arm. Perhaps Schumer will start the next fashion trend, the one where everyone dressed up to celebrate getting vaccinated. We’re not hating the idea.

Have you gotten your COVID-19 vaccine yet? If not, you will most likely be eligible for the vaccine in the next few weeks if you are not already eligible. President Biden has required states to make the vaccine available to anyone 16 years old or older by May. Many states plan to meet this requirement early.

What are you going to wear to get vaccinated? How are you going to celebrate getting vaccinated?