Amy Schneider Breaks ‘Jeopardy!’ Record For Third Most Wins In the Show’s History

Good Morning America

We thought it was great when “Jeopardy!” contestant Amy Schneider set the record for the most consecutive wins by a female contestant. At the same time, she also became the person with the fourth most consecutive wins in the history of the show.

Schneider was not about to settle for fourth place. She is breaking records again, and she’s not done yet. She is currently the person with the third most consecutive wins in the history of the show.

Ken Jennings holds the record for most consecutive wins followed by Matt Amodio who holds the record for second most consecutive wins. Amodio’s record is 38 wins in a row. He better watch out because Schneider just might push him down to third most consecutive wins in the near future. She has already won 34 games.

Amodio doesn’t seem to mind that he might lose the honor of having the second most consecutive wins in “Jeopardy!” history. In fact, he described the way he feels as “excited for her.”

Amodio racked up his 38 wins in a row in 2021, and now Schneider’s on a winning streak. It leaves some people wondering why there are so many people winning so many shows in a row on “Jeopardy!” all of a sudden. Is the show getting easier? Are the contestants somehow more prepared for the show?

Watch the video below to learn more about Schneider’s winning streak and a few theories about why we’ve seen two contestants on hot streaks within the year.

Do you think Schneider will keeping winning until she becomes the person with the second most consecutive wins in the show’s history? Do you think there’s a chance she will end up beating Jennings’ record of winning 74 shows in a row?