Jeopardy! Champ Amy Schneider Is Now 2nd Only to Ken Jennings After 39th Consecutive Win

We have more “Jeopardy!” news, and it’s not about the hosting position on the show that was left vacant after Alex Trebek passed away. It’s about a woman on a winning streak.

Amy Schneider has been winning game after game on “Jeopardy!” and is getting quite a bit of attention. It all started when she set a new record for the woman with the most wins on the show. At the time, the three people with the most consecutive wins in the history of the show were all men.

Schneider quickly blew past James Holzhauer’s record by winning 34 games in a row. That guaranteed her a spot during the next Tournament of Champions show where she would go up against Matt Amodio, who has won 38 games in a row.

Watch the video below to learn more about how Schneider feels about her winning streak and how she’s dealing with her new found fame.

The interview in the video above was recorded before Schneider was done with her winning streak. As she mentioned during the interview, there is a gap in time from when the shows are recorded and when they air. It’s probably safe to say that Schneider knew during this interview that she did more than beat Holzhauer’s record.

On this Monday’s show, Schneider went on to beat Amodio’s record too. She has now won 39 games in a row. She has also won a total of $1,319,800. According to Schneider, “It still feels unreal.”

The big question is, will Schneider continue her winning streak to beat Ken Jennings’ record of winning 74 games in a row? Perhaps Schneider already knows.

How many games in a row do you think Schneider will end up winning?