American Girl Is Bringing 6 of Its Original Dolls Out of Retirement

Shoshanah via Flickr

We’re completely dating ourselves here, but we grew up with the American Girl doll brand. We remember when the only way to order the dolls was through a catalog that arrived in our family’s mailbox. We remember looking at the dolls and dreaming about owning one. We remember looking at all the pretty outfits and wanting to read the stories that went along with each doll. If you can relate, chances are you remember the original American Girl dolls.

Samantha, Molly and Kirstin were the original three American Girl dolls that started it all back in 1986. A few years later, in the early 90s, three more dolls were introduced. We met Felicity, Addy and Josefina.

Perhaps you had one of these original dolls when you were a child. Perhaps you still have your doll, and if you do, she might be worth a lot of money on a site like ebay because these original dolls were retired between 2008 and the mid-2010s.

If you’re reminiscing about the original American Girl dolls and wish there were a cheaper way to own one than a bidding war on ebay, you’re in luck. For the company’s 35th anniversary, American Girl is bringing back the original six American Girl dolls! Samatha, Molly, Kirstin, Felicity, Addy and Josefina are currently all available to order online. Each doll comes in her original outfit and includes the first paperback book in the doll’s series. You can order a limited edition original American Girl doll for just $150.

In a press release, Jamie Cygielman, General Manager of American Girl, explained, “For 35 years, American Girl has created powerful stories with smart, courageous heroines that have helped shape an entire generation of women. As we celebrate this major milestone, we’re thrilled to recognize the very first generation of American girls who grew up with these beloved, original characters and made them the phenomenon they are today.”

Did you own one of the original American Girl dolls? Do you plan to order one of the limited edition original American Girl dolls?