7 Things Foreigners Find Disgusting About American Eating Habits

Hershey Bar half-eatendrb62 via Flickr

Let’s be honest— Americans are known for doing a lot of great things, from business to art and beyond. BUT — and this is a big but! — one of the least savory attributes attached to our country is our questionable, unhealthy, and downright weird eating habits.

As a matter of fact, if you’ve had the privilege of partaking in a trip abroad, then you likely became very familiar with all of those “fat American” jokes that folks from other lands love to tell.

Yep, pret-ty embarrassing— mostly because it’s kind of right on!

But, body-shaming aside, there are quite a few food traditions that we strictly follow in our country that you see almost nowhere else— for better and for worse! Here are 7 of the most surprising things that foreigners find disgusting about American eating habits…

  1. Ice in our drinks

    Believe it or not, Americans are one of the only people on the face of this Earth who insist on using ice to chill their already cold drinks. Fun fact: if you try to ask for ice with your Coke while visiting France, you might just get laughed out of the bistro. Yikes!

  2. Enjoying “fake chocolate”

    No knock to our buddies over at Hershey — we, personally, love your chocolate! — but many foreigners see the brand and its competitors as being makers of “fake chocolate.” According to Southern Living, this is because the popular brand’s sweet contains butyric acid, a tangy additive that can be found in Parmesan cheese and sour yogurt, among other things. Strange, but true.

  3. Actually consuming canned cheese

    OK, we’re not going to argue the virtues of spraying a bunch of oil-filled cheese onto Ritz crackers for a late-night snack. We agree, the practice is just weird— and gross!

  4. Cleaning our (gigantic) plates

    While all cultures indulge from time to time, it’s no secret that Americans like to pretend that every night is Thanksgiving! Our mom always told us to not let any food go to waste, but the advice definitely hasn’t helped our waistline!

  5. Ordering up fast food regularly

    You can find American fast food chains in almost every country on the planet, but that doesn’t mean that these citizens dine on the unhealthy grub on a daily, weekly, or even MONTHLY basis. Yep, it’s fair to say that Americans have taken the “fast food diet” a little too far.

  6. Creating bizarre flavor profiles

    We’re not saying that countries the world over don’t have their own “bizarre flavor profiles”— but most aren’t created from ingredients found at a gas station!

  7. Sipping on refills

    Again, we’re not the only country to enjoy soda on a regular basis, but most other folks won’t ask for four refills of a 16-ounce Coca-Cola during their lunchtime meal…

OK, if you’re not blushing from embarrassment right about now, then we’re guessing you’re probably not an American…

We can’t wait to hear your take on these “disgusting” eating habits. Are you surprised that some of these food traditions aren’t followed in other countries? If so, which ones? Can you think of any others that we should add to the list?