AMC Will Reopen Hundreds of Movie Theaters Nationwide in July


Since March, thanks to all of the stay-at-home orders, unless you’re an employee of an essential business, chances are you’ve been cooped up in your home staying safe and far away from the coronavirus spreading throughout the country.

Now that it’s June, and states are beginning to get looser with their restrictions, you might be wondering when it’s actually safe to do the things you once loved again.

So far, many states have begun to regain some normal activities that have been shut down for the last few months, but many have some restrictions. For example, several states have opened certain restaurants, but have kept it to just outdoor dining, or have allowed salons to open their doors, so long as customers are limited and everyone is in masks.

As far as entertainment goes, there are only so many outdoor walks or socially distant barbecues you can do. Eventually, you’ll want to enjoy some of the other ways you used to find entertainment, like going to a concert or seeing a movie.

Thankfully, the latter is becoming a reality once again. AMC movie theaters just announced that they’re set to be opening hundreds of their theaters across the nation in July in waves. That’s right, it’s time to look forward to seeing some new flicks once again!

Of course, like with all the other places reopening, there will be changes to the way we typically enjoy going to the movies to ensure everyone who heads to the theater is safe and sound.

To learn about the restrictions you can expect to see in movie theaters when they reopen next month, check out the video below.

What do you think of movie theaters beginning to reopen in July? Do you feel safe seeing a new movie in theaters so long as these restrictions are in place?